Reiki Principles


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Just for today
I shall release all anger

I shall release all worry
I will show gratitude for all my many blessings
I shall earn my living with integrity
I will honour all living things


Anger is born out of a desire to control, because you feel you are out control. You allow yourself to be affected by desires and expectations, rather than needs and excitement, and you suffer the grief, guilt and greed accordingly. YOU BECOME ANGRY. YES, there is a need for you to release your emotions, and not hold the anger in. You need to transmute this energy and deal with it positively.

Remember that life is your mirror. Anything outside of yourself is a reflection of who you are in an inner plan. Thank that which comes along and releases it. You are the creator; you are the master of your own destiny. You and only you have determined your rate of progress and your level of commitment to your self. The power to create is your birthright. With this power comes the privilege of greater responsibility and greater sense of unity with all creation.


When you worry you are acknowledging your separateness from all of creation. If you move with “the flow” of life, you are in tune with your higher self, and you will have lived each day to the best of your ability.

There is no need to interfere with the Universal Plan, if you follow your excitement then you know you are in on it, and the synchronicity of events may even surprise you. As long as you have bone your part in the scheme of things, all else will flow.


To express love (all encompassing love) in all you do is to have respect for yourself and the sacredness of all creation. It also means showing gratitude for all the things that happen in your life and being grateful for the world around you. It enables you to realise just how beautiful this world we all live in is, to know you have a special part to play and to bring this uniqueness out in all you do.


You live in a world of abundance. There is more than enough for everyone’s needs (but not everyone’s greed). Giving thanks for everything in your life is acknowledging the Law of Abundance. Know too that you are WORTHY of such abundance, for it is your birthright.

If, in all you do, you are putting in your best efforts, being creative, doing everything as well as you can each day each moment, enjoying what you do, and that your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are aligned, then you know you are being honest to yourself and everyone else around you, and all else will follow.


Know that everything is from the same source.

  • The mineral kingdom
  • The plant kingdom
  • The animal kingdom
  • The bird kingdom
  • The elemental kingdom
  • All of humanity, and
  • All of creation

It allows you to lift your relationships to a level, which is non-emotional and positive. For honour means integrity, respect, esteem acknowledgements of work well done and privilege.

Parents and teachers hold privilege positions in your life (for we are apprenticed to them) in that they teach you in some way about life, relationships and influence how you walk your chosen spiritual path. Each of us needs to honour that privilege and not abuse it. Once you recognise the good in everyone and everything around you, your relationship with them is treated with integrity and you gain strength peace within yourself.