The Human aura is our individual energy field, which may be seen as a continually changing sea of energy around our physical bodies. It can be measured in the laboratory in its various components; electrostatic, magnetic, electromagnetic, sonic, thermal and visual. The visual elements can be measured as definite frequencies for different colours of the aura.

colours1The Etheric Body: the densest of the subtle bodies, vitalises and energises the physical body through the chakra system.

The Emotional Body: reflects emotional activity and can be seen by psychics brightly coloured and fast moving, composed of fine layers of energy like the etheric body. The emotional body can be spontaneously affected by our emotions, for example, anger, fear, Love and empathy.

It is said that 90-95% of disease originates in the emotional body.

The Mental Body: the most subtle of the lower bodies and is made up of the mind stuff or chakra of an individual. It is also said to be the seat of the Higher Self or Lotus of the soul.