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The mission of the Massage in School Programme is to provide high quality and professional training to all teachers and caring adults willing to bring nurturing touch into schools, care settings and into a child’s home life.

Schools in Scotland

All schools are now expected to have achieved and maintained health promoting schools status, which involves a whole school approach to promoting physical, social, spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing to all pupils and staff. Schools are now working towards implementing a Curriculum for Excellence which develops the 3 capacities for: Health and Wellbeing across Learning, Literacy across Learning and Numeracy across Learning. The Massage in Schools Programme addresses these capacities perfectly, with its development for positive communication, its inclusive nature, its ethos of respect for self and others and its proven effect on concentration levels.


The programme:

The programme involves paired children learning a simple massage sequence, through the clothes, on the back, arms, shoulders and head. It is a child to child massage with an ethos of respect, as all children request permission to massage before they begin. Those who do not wish a massage can say no and sit and watch. The whole sequence takes approximately 10 minutes and then the children change places. The programme requires parental permission.

Benefits of Massage in Schools

Schools throughout the UK who have implemented the Massage in Schools Programme have noticed the following benefits to children and the school in general:

  • Improved concentration
  • Improved co-operation
  • Increased self-esteem/ confidence
  • Reduction in aggressive behaviour and bullying
  • Calmer classroom environment
  • Children, especially those with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, develop better motor skills
  • Greater ability to work independently and in groups
  • A feeling of being individually acknowledged
  • Empathy and respect in communicating
  • Ability to recognise difference between good and bad touch
  • More relaxed and focused feeling in the school generally

When children are asked about the massage, the comments that come up often are that it makes them feel happy, relaxed and it’s fun to do. (See the research link for further comments from parents, teachers and children)

Much scientific research has been conducted into the effects of regular massage with the recent discovery of how the hormone oxytocin, is released by both the giver and receiver of massage. This induces peaceful feelings and is linked to a decline in sleep problems, depression and anxiety.

What is Massage in Schools?

The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) aims to promote the well being of children in the knowledge that nurturing touch is a basic need and a powerful tool to help children develop into healthy, well balanced human beings. The programme is well structured, yet simple, making it easy for teachers to incorporate into the daily routine of the classroom. This is a peer massage programme in which only children massage children, whilst the adults (teacher/assistant) observe and facilitate the routine. It intends to give children the chance to experience nurturing touch at school in a safe and creative way.

Implementing Massage in Schools.

MISP is for primary schoolchildren aged 4 – 12 years. The programme is introduced to the children by a trained instructor, usually over a period of 4 – 7 days, for 15 minutes a day. First thing in the morning is ideal, as it helps relax and focus the pupils. This is simply a guideline and can be altered to suit needs. It is a child to child massage done through the clothes; at no time do the teachers or instructors touch the children. The massage routine is introduced gradually to the children, all the strokes having names which the children recognise, such as, ‘ice skating’, ‘baker’ and ‘climbing the rope’. The children always ask permission from each other before they begin and say thank you to each other when they finish the routine. Once the children know the routine, a 10 minute slot for the massage can be incorporated into the school day. Touch games and massage stories can be used in any part of the curriculum to help bring subjects alive for both teachers and children. The Massage in School Programme can also be introduced to parents and carers.

For more information about the Massage in Schools Programme please contact:
Janine Wylie
Tel: 01592 568958
Mob: 07745 143094

The vision of the Massage in Schools Programme is that every child attending school experiences positive and nurturing touch every day… everywhere in the world.

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