Service for Adults and Children with Disabilities and Autism

Social Enterprise

Inspirational Therapies is registered as a Company Ltd by Guarantee with support from BRAG Enterprise and Scotland UnLtd.

Inspirational Therapies provides complementary therapies to children and adults with a disability or an Autism Spectrum Disorder to improve their quality of life.

Head MassageInspirational Therapies offers parents, carers, teachers, children and adults:

  • One to One Complementary Therapy Sessions – Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Reflexology
  • Well Being Workshops – Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Peer Massage, Family Learning
  • Training – using complementary therapies techniques

All complementary therapy packages and workshops will be tailored to suit individual needs and parental permission will be required.

Inspirational Therapies aims and objectives are:

  • To encourage and improve the growth, development, inclusion and well-being of vulnerable children and adults with learning difficulties and autism into mainstream society through the benefits of complementary therapies.
  • To empower parents/carers, teachers, front line staff and users by providing complementary therapy training.
  • To conduct research into the effectiveness of complementary therapies and the positive impact on people who use this service.
  • Raise awareness of sensory issues and develop / adapt existing therapy techniques and tools to suit individual children and adults.
  • Use the research to influence policies on the treatment of psychological problems.

The Benefits:

The sense of touch is a powerful and highly sensitive form of communication and recognises challenges in relation to children on the Autism Spectrum developing communication and sensory awareness. Touch is an important influence on a child’s healthy development.

  • The effects are immediate
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves co-operation
  • Increases self-esteem / confidence
  • More relaxed and focused
  • Reduction in aggressive behaviour
  • Calmer classroom / family enviroment
  • Children, especially those with ADHD, develop better motor skills
  • Greater ability to work independently and in groups
  • A feeling of being individually acknowledged
  • Empathy and respect in communicating
  • Ability to recognise the difference between good and bad touch

For simple gently massage techniques to use on your child click here to view video’s from the Hands On Scotland Website. Click on Activities and Videos then Massage techniques to view video files.

For more information contact Janine on: 07745 143094 or

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Janine from Inspirational Therapies has been working along side parents and the charity PHAD to evaluate the benefits of Complementary Therapies for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum since May 2010.

This evaluation project is beneficial because people who have differences or difficulties can sometimes get excluded or left out of important things within their community. This evaulation will try to understand theses differences / difficulties and what can be done to help make things better for people with Autism or mental health problems.

Information on the benefits of Complementary Therapies and date for training workshops will follow shortly once the evaluation project has been completed.

Inspirational Therapies provides workshops on the Benefits of Complementary Therapies for Children with Autism. Inspirational Therapies aim is to get more parents, carers and front line staff interested in using Complementary Therapies to work with children and adults with Autsim.

Janine from Inspirational Therapies has had a full enhanced disclosure Scotland form done to work with vulnerable adults and children.

What is Autism

Autism is a lifelong condition, which affects the way a person thinks, learns and communicates. Its is characterised by a ‘triad of impairments’ – social, interaction, social communication and a inflexibility of thought.

Autism interferes with the ability to effectively contribute and participate as active and valued memebrs of the community, resulting in isolation, often affecting the whole family. If a person becomes alienated, their social, mental and emotional health depletes which could result in increased instability.

It is recognised as a mental disorder, covered by the mental health (Care & Treatment)(Scotland) Act 2003.

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