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Inspirational Therapies
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 by Jim farmer

Janine is one of the best therapist you will find around. I have been going to Janine now for nearly twenty years with various problems from lower back to neck pain and many more issues, and she has never failed to amaze me at the talents she has. I highly recommend Janine.

 by Dawn Bruce
Amazing therapy sessions, every time

Janine, my saviour

I first met Janine at a night out, we got talking and she said about coming to see her to work on my back & neck issues. I didnt hold much faith tbh as consultants and specialists said I wouldn’t get any better. But I thought if there is hope I’ll try. I have to say she has not only helped me turn my life around, not just physically but mentally as well. I can’t thank her enough ❤️
Her treatments helped me get movement, flexibility and strength back that I didnt think would be possible. Then over time I managed to reduce pain meds and even returned back to the gym, was able to be active with my 2 boys and feel me again instead of restricting myself because of my condition.
She is amazing person, who has become a very close friend, knowing what I need before I do. Not one session is the same, but after every session I walk out feeling like I am walking on air!
My whole outlook has changed for the better and it’s all down to her amazing gift, and I will be forever grateful ❤️

 by Jim Farmer

I have been getting regular treatments with Janine for some 15 years now, she I absolutely wonderful, the talent she has is just amazing. Janine has grown in strength and is truly inspirational. Apart from her skills she is such a lovely person.

 by Pam Farmer

🙂 Janine is fabulous. Cant thank her enough. Makes me feel great after a massage. Highly recommended. Brilliant value.

 by Aiden

Janine has inspirational energy and commitment to helping others to reach their own potential and seek out the positive from their well-being. Her compassion is an example to us all

 by Friend

We, as a family, have Janine, and her commitment to her work, a lot to thank her for. She helped us to better understand the importance of complimentary therapies to benefit us all in different aspects of our individual lives.

We now appreciate a more relaxed live style and family environment and will benefit from our learning, from Janine, to have a more rewarding and healthy future.

A friend always, the family.

 by Candice MacKenzie

Janine, I wish to thank you very much for your enthusiasm, encouragement and the ability to introduce massage to our whole family. My son who has aspergers was very uncomfortable with the idea of massage, but you have helped him to really enjoy the benefits of de-stressing and to feel better about himself. It has been such a positive experience for him that he wishes to practice on me, his sisters and granny! I also thoroughly enjoyed the coffee morning you held at the Strathearn Hotel. I have never had the chance to just go and have a chat with others who understand the burden of being a carer and then to enjoy the full back massage that I had. It was truly wonderful. So thank you again. Hopefully see you soon in 2011 x Candice:)

 by Charlotte Farmer

Thanks Janine for all your dedicated support and studies on the benefits of alternative therapies to families living with Autism, a great step in the right direction providing a valuable and therapeutic perspective in our very demanding lives

 by Lesley Childs

Thank you for the visit to our carers group Janine - I found the talk really interesting and learning the hand massage techniques has been very useful. Grant went off to his next home visit smelling like a lovely flower!

 by Sheila Addison

A very relaxing and informative session with our foster carer group. They all appreciated some time out, from their often challenging and stressful role as carers, to think about caring for themselves. Many thanks

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“Its good to be open minded & try things at least once. Janine has a very calming presence & does not rush through treatments. Value for money!”
L Jackson, Dunfermline.

“I have a massage treatment once a week to keep me sane. If not I am uptight, moody, sore and exhausted. I just love it.”
C Smith, Glenrothes.

“Best feeling in the world, during and for days after. Janine has magic hands.”
A Cairns, Kirkcaldy.

“I felt amazing after my massage treatment and enjoy being pampered. It feels good to relax and I look forward to my treatments. After a treatment it feels like I have slept for 8 hours, I feel very refreshed. I’m always pleasantly surprised Janine is always looking for new ways to work and try new techniques’, which, is great.”
C MacManus, Dunfermline.

“After my massage treatment I had the best night sleep I have had in a long time, unbroken and very deep. I woke up feeling fresh and after a week, I was still pain free.”
M Collie, Glenrothes.

“The Reiki treatment and aftercare was full explained. Janine is very conscientious. I look forward to my next treatment.”
M Kirk, Glenrothes.

“I had a tension in my upper and lower back and booked a 1 hour back massage. After the treatment I felt a significant difference and felt deeply relaxed. Brilliant, you’ll be seeing alot more of me.” C Macdonald, Dunfermline.

“After my neck, back and shoulder massage I felt very relaxed, floaty, happy and comfortable. Janine is an excellent therapist”. L Roberts, Glenrothes.

“I was given a 1 hour massage voucher as a gift. Before the treatment I felt sore but after the treatment I felt completely relaxed and slept right through till the next morning”. G Farmer, Glenrothes.

“After my treatment I felt relaxed, fresh and was glowing. Good value for money with clear after care advice. I would recommend Inspirational Therapies to others”. L Stewart, Kirkcaldy.